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Karen and Eric Warren '69: Giving Where It's Needed Most

Karen and Eric WarrenEric Warren ’69 is a man of many talents. From teaching to electrical design, and from stage designer to historian, Eric has made his mark in several professions. We talked with Eric and his wife, Karen, about his Oxy experience, their life together and how they’re making their mark on the future of Occidental College. Read the interview


Ben Culley Society Video “When I was 20”


Betsy Perry, Adjunct Professor of History — Bequest

donor-culley-thumb.jpgDuring Betsy Perry’s 19 years as an adjunct professor of history at Oxy, she loved the opportunity to design new courses that would be most impactful for students. In the wake of 9/11, she expanded the focus of history courses to be more inclusive of other identities and backgrounds.  More


Benjamin H. Culley, Mathematics Professor and Administrator — Bequest

donor-culley-thumb.jpgAfter 33 years at Occidental in a variety of roles—professor of mathematics, dean of men, dean of students, and director of financial aid among them—Benjamin H. Culley had a few observations to share about Oxy back in 1976. "The history of Occidental College is a proud one," he wrote in an all-but-forgotten publication, The Occidental Community Review.  More


Robert F. Mougeot '65 — Charitable Gift Annuities (CGA)

donor-mougeot-thumb.jpgThe working life of a doctor did not appeal to Robert F. Mougeot '65. The Arizona native enrolled at Oxy as a pre-med major, but after two years of studies he asked himself, "Do I really want to do this?" So he switched majors to political science with the intention of going to law school. More


Jeanne Day '61 — IRA Rollover

donor-day-thumb.jpgJeanne Day '61 has enjoyed her share of adventure. She obtained her pilot's license in 1963, only hanging up her pilots wings when she turned 70 a few years back. That's when she channeled her energies into motorcycling—a two wheeled passion that led to a solo ride across Alaska. More


Leif Isaksen '62 — Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT)

donor-isaksen-thumb.jpg"If the numbers work, they work." That philosophy has served Leif Isaksen '62 throughout his career in the applied sciences. A physics major at Oxy, Leif earned his master's in physics from Rutger's University and his Ph.D. in electrical engineering systems/control theory (what we'd call "complexity" today) from USC.  More


Evelyn Thompson Kieffer '40 — Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA)

donor-kieffer-thumb.jpgWhen Evelyn Thompson Kieffer '40 was 7, her parents built a home reminiscent of their Maine roots across the street from Occidental College—a place that she calls home today. As the daughter of Guy A. Thompson, professor of American literature at Occidental from 1921-41, she was keenly interested in what was happening on campus.  More


Lyn (Gawley) Pohlmann '64 / John Pohlmann '62 — Charitable Remainder Unitrust (CRUT)

donor-pohlman-thumb.jpg"My parents told me from an early age that a good education is something no one can take away from you," says Lyn (Gawley) Pohlmann '64. "Once you have that start, you can take on the world." Her husband of 28 years, John Pohlmann '62 agrees: "Occidental gave us an extraordinary education, socially as well as academically." More


Robert W. Winter, History Professor — Life Estate

donor-winter-thumb.jpgWith 10 books and countless articles to his credit, Robert Winter may well be the leading authority on Southern California architecture. Over the 31 years he taught history at Occidental, Winter punctuated his lectures with animation, passion, and a theatrical flair that few students will ever forget. More


John Parke Young 1917 — Charitable Remainder Unitrust (CRUT)

donor-young-thumb.jpgOn their first date 50 years ago, John Parke Young '17 and his future wife, Marie Louise Young, were dining at the Cosmos Club in Washington, D.C., when Occidental president Arthur Coons stopped by to visit with John, a former professor at Oxy and internationally renowned economist.  More


Preston "Burt" Zillgitt '52 / Bonnie (Rose) Zillgitt '54 — Charitable Remainder Unitrust (CRUT)

donor-zillgitt-thumb.jpg"My most valuable experience at Oxy was my very first week on campus, when I reported to Wylie, before my classes even started. There was a certain atmosphere, a feeling that was very, very positive for me and got things in motion. It was a wonderful time to be at Occidental."  More